Cerith Evans

Dwi'n hyfforddwr personol yn wreiddiol o Gaerfyrddin, ond yn awr yn gweithio allan o Gaerdydd. 


Dechreuodd fy nhaith pan oeddwn yn 14 mlwydd oed ac yn dymuno edrych yn well. Ar y pryd, roeddwn yn fain, gwan ac nid oedd gennyf unrhyw hunan hyder. Ar ôl i mi ddechrau codi pwysau  adref, datblygodd fy niddordeb yn y system gyhyrog. Wrth i'r ddiddordeb gynyddu dechreuais gystadlu mewn cystadleuathau corfflunio, lle roeddwn wedi dod yn dryddydd dros Brydain pan yn 18 oed, ac wedi derbyn carden profesiynnol NFMUK pan yn 21 oed.

Yn 2014 benderfynais fynychu Brifysgol y Drindod Dewi Sant i astudio Gwyddoniaeth Ymarfer Corff, i gynyddu fy  adnabyddiaeth ynglun a'r corff, i sicrhau y gwasanaeth orau a fwyaf effeithlon i fy ngleientiaid.


Ar ôl graddio, penderfynais fy mod yn mynd i helpu eraill, i gwella'u bywydau, hunan hyder a'u iechyd, trwy newid eu edrychiad a perfformiad.


I'm a personal coach originally from Carmarthen, but now based in Cardiff.


My journey began when I was 14 years old, and  I  had the desire to improve the way I looked.  At the time I was 6ft 2, and only 9 stone. I was very thin and weak with no self-confidence. After starting weight training at home, my interest in the muscular system developed. As the fascination increased, my competitive Bodybuilding journey began, where I placed 3rd over Britain when I was 18 years old, and to go on to win my NFMUK Pro Card when I was 21 years old, and I still compete to this day.  I  decided to attend the University of Wales Trinity Saint David to study Exercise Science to increase my knowledge in regards to the body, to ensure that I can offer the best and most effective strategies for my clients.


After graduating from university, I made it my objective to help others improve their lives, self-confidence and health, through improving their body shape & performance.



BSc Exercise Science Degree 

Level 4 Weight Management     

Level 3 Personal Training              

Level 3 Application of Nutrition

Level 3 Exercise Programming

Biomechanics Trainer

MI40 Hypertrophy Execution Mastery

iMoveFreely Trainer

Advanced PT Boxercise

Level 2 Circuit Training

Level 2 Indoor Cycling

Level 2 Water-Based Exercise



Ive been a client of CE Health Coaching for around 5 weeks and i've found the sessions to be hugely beneficial. The inital screening was worth its weight in gold as it helped identify the weaker points in my body. For me that was my left shoulder specifically rotator cuff, which has caused me issues in training over the years. Cerith has shown me how to strengthen these areas with correct form to the point that I can now feel the correct form for myself and best of all; I DONT HAVE ANY MORE PAIN! This has helped me push through a plateau and i've been able to maximise muscle growth like never before. 

I would highly recomment the full package which holistically looks at nutrition, workout regime and tuition for newcomers and more avid gym goers who need to up the intensity andreach their physique goals.

A friendly service, cerith gives you full attention during the sessions, 

***** (5 stars!)

—     Ryan Rowe, July 2019

What is your goal?




Y Cam Cyntaf - The First Step

Gall dewis hyfforddwr personol weithiau fod yn broses frawychus ac anodd i lawer o bobl. Dyma fy nghamau cyntaf wrth weithio gyda chleientiaid newydd a rhai sy'n bodoli eisoes.


Choosing a personal coach can sometimes be a daunting and difficult process for many people. This is my approach to working with new and existing clients.

cam 1 / step 1

Cysylltwch â  fi trwy e-bost neu neges destun i drefnu ymgynghoriad i sgwrsio am eich gô l, statws corfforol presennol, ffordd o fyw, arferion bwyd ayyb.


Contact me through email or text to book a free consultation to have a chat in regards to your goals, current physical status, lifestyle, eating habits etc

Cam 2 / step 2

Yn ystod yr ymgynhoriad fe drefnwn eich sesiwn gyntaf, lle fyddaf yn cyflwynio ymarfer pwysau lefel sylfaenol, i sicrhau fod pob cleient yn dechrau trwy deimlo cyhyrau yn gweithio ac nid symud o bwynt A i B.


In the consultation we will book our first session which will include a basic introduction to weight training, these exercises will be the starting point to ensure that you feel the muscles working rather than moving weight from point A to B. 

Cam 3 / Step 3

Ar ôl y sesiwn gyntaf, os ydych yn hapus i fynd ymlaen a bod yn rhan o Tim CEHEALTH, fyddwn yn dechrau gyda ymarferion syml i darganfod yr ymarferion orau i chi. Byddwn yna yn dechrau eich taith i gorff, iechyd a bywyd mwy cyflawn.


After our first session, if happy to proceed and become part of Team CEHEALTH, in our first session we will begin with basic exercises to determine the way you move, to discover the exercises that suit you the best. Then you will be starting your journey to an improved body, health and fulfilling way of life.


4 Personalized Training sessions designed for your needs to reach your goals i.e. muscle gain, Fat-loss, strength gain etc




  • Groups of 2 to 6

  • 4 Training Sessions Per Month

  • Prescribed exercise sessions suited towards your goals

  • Access to the CE HEALTH APP

  • Nutritional Coaching


(Each group)



  • Weekly Check in discussion

  • Biomechanical Assessment

  • 8 Personal Training Sessions per month

  • Nutritional + Food Management Coaching

  • Access to CEHealth Coaching App

  • Nutrition Plan (suited for your needs) 

  • Nutrition 101 PDF Document

  • Personalised Training Plan  - alterations made when needed

  • Before + After Photo

  • 24/7 Assistance via text/ Whatsapp

  • If followed - guaranteed Results




For more services including one off plans, at home personal training etc please feel free to contact below. 



Tel: 07581233403

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